Full list of products and services

Automotive electronics products

Electrohydraulic distributions control system of external customers (block of programming operations in hydroficated system, block of electronic joysticks);
panel meters with a drive of arrows on the stepper motor;
electronic pedals (for MTZ, MAZ, etc.);
manual control sensor;
system of non-contact copying the surface topography ;
electronic relays-breakers for tractor Belarus.

Voltage converters:

PN 14/28;
PN 24/12 8;
PN 24/12 3.


effort sensors;
position sensors;
speed sensors;
ultrasonic distance sensors;
spool position sensor for hydraulic valve of cranes;
temperature sensors;
angle of rotation sensor for harvesters.

Mobile dryer Mr 300k

Software and hardware to manage geographically distributed objects

Software and hardware of Sirius:

base controller "VIKONT";
microprocessor-based controller "MIKONT-M" ("SATELLITE");
relay repeaters boxes, terminal connector blocks for connecting sensors and actuators;
uninformative controller MIM-250;
units of electricity metering Bue-01, Bue-02;

Boxes for the installation of the controller MIKONT-M with terminal connector blocks.

Control modules of step motor (BUSHD-M);

Cash registers for automotive vehicles, taxometers;

Measuring device controller KDU;

Devices of dynamically lit and New Years illuminations.

Consumer plastic goods and other production

plastic boxes for vegetables and fruits;
folding chairs;
containers, urns, indoor playground.
metal cutting tools, dies, molds;
component parts for furniture industry.


The Test center of the plant is accredited for technical competence in the national certification system in the Republic of Belarus with the right on realization state, acceptance and certification testing for industrial propose and consumers goods. Activity profile is defined scope of accreditation and includes the following tests:

1. Testing of industrial products and consumer electronics to meet the electrical properties and NTD.

2. Testing all products on climate forcing factors in a wide temperature range for products up to 3 cubic meters:

cyclic change of temperature (-70..+300)
high humidity (10%..100%)
high and low atmospheric pressure
salt fog
actions in dust chamber

3. Testing products to mechanical impact factors:

sinusoidal vibration in a wide range of frequencies and accelerations (5..3000 Hz)
linear speed up to 200g
multiple and single shocks up to 800g
random broadband vibration in the range (20-3000Hz)

4. Testing production of industrial supplies and of information technology to meet the safety requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and interference level.

The Test center operates in a continuous daily schedule and performs its services with price agreed upon customers.

Mechanical treatment of metals and nonmetallic materials


Production of castings from aluminum, plastic, rubber


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