OJSC "Izmeritel"

"Izmeritel" – an instrument-making plant, which is focused on the production of complex electronic equipment and many other products. The plant has modern equipment and a lot of different technologies. A Testing Center complies with The Accreditation system of calibration and testing laboratories of Belarus and is accredited for technical competence. The company has a highly qualified staff, who has an extensive experience with technically sophisticated products. The system of quality management development, production, maintenance and testing of products is certified ISO 9001-2009. The factory is located in Novopolotsk, which has a favorable geographical location - close to the border with Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, at the intersection of road and rail lines, connecting Belarus with Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Baltic countries. Plant “Izmeritel” participate in product introduction for the rocket and space needs, including the Sea Launch program, in the construction of the International Space Station, commercial launches of rocket "Proton". Branch: the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus. Ownership: Private. Open Joint Stock Company with a wholly state share in charter capital.

Types of products:

• automotive electronics products (electronic relays-breakers, dash boards of trucks, voltage converters, complex system to control hitches of tractors and other mobile machines);
• products of power electronics;
• control modules of step motor BUSHD-M;
• electronics components for system of telemetry and management of geographically distributed objects of energy, petro chemistry, city electric transport and communal services (apparatus «Sirius»);
• New Year’s illuminations (strings of lights for fur tree and square, star, control devices);
• component parts for furniture industry;
• consumer goods (folding chairs, boxes for vegetables and fruits);
• intrasectoral cooperation for making details of mechanical production;
• metal cutting tools, dies, molds.


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  • Republic of Belarus, 211440,
    Molodezhnaya str., 166
  • office@izmeritel.org
  • Sales and Marketing Department:
    +375 (214) 32-10-11 (Tel/Fax)
    +375 (214) 32-22-43
  • Chief Engineer:
    +375 (214) 32-28-11, 37-46-55
  • Department of Logistics:
    +375 (214) 32-86-12

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