Voltage Converter 14/28 V 8A

педаль электронная автомобильная Voltage Converter 14/28 V 8A intended to charge an extra battery in a two-tier system of electric equipment of vehicles with starting the engine by starter with a rated voltage of 24 V at rated voltage on-board network 12 V.

Main technical characteristics

• Input voltage – 13,2 – 15,2 V.
• Output voltage (14,3±0,2) V
• Load current not less 8 A.
• Operating temperature: -20 to +40C.
• Extend of protection IP67.
• Overall dimension 140x140x35 mm.

Voltage Converter PN-24/12-01

Voltage Converter PN-24/12-01 Voltage Converter PN-24/12-01 is designed for installation in vehicles with a rated voltage in electrical system of 24 V.

It serves to convert the supply voltage on-board network in the constant voltage of 12 V.

The converter converts the input DC voltage on-board network in the range of 18 to 30 in a stable DC voltage (12 ± 0,2) in a range of load current from 0 to 100% of the nominal value.

Main technical characteristics

The value of the nominal output current (in continuous operation) 3 A.

The amplitude of the fluctuations of the output voltage at rated current less than 100 mV.

Efficiency of the converter (CAP) - not less than 0,9.

Climatic versions TU2 GOST 15150. Operating temperature is from minus 40 to plus 55C.

The degree of protection afforded by the shell of the converter, IP54 per GOST 14254.

Weight - 0,25 kg.

Overall dimensions of the converter 88h165h44 mm.

Guaranteed service life of 36 months from the date of commissioning. Warranty time between when this should not exceed 4000 machine hours


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