Combination of devices KP-01 for MAZ

комбинация приборов для автомобиля МАЗ

Combination of devices KP-01 intended for visual monitoring of operational parameters of aggregates and systems of the car.

Main technical characteristics

It contains 36 sensors of the systems and aggregates of the vehicle and 7 pointer instrument executed on stepper motors with microprocessor control, displaying:

• the temperature of engine coolant;
• engine oil pressure;
• voltage on-board vehicle network;
• engine speed (tachometer);
• the level of fuel in the tank car;
• the air pressure in the two circuits of the braking system of the car.

The sources of the input signals are full-time sensors, and phase winding of the generator (for the tachometer). The tachometer has the ability to install any gear ratio «shaft-generator» that allows you to use it on cars completing by the various motors and generators. Annunciator and backlight combination of devices made on high-brightness LED’s, maintain working capacity during the entire period of operation.

Combination of devices KP-02 for tractor «Belarus»

Combination of devices KP-02 for tractor «Belarus»

The combinations of devices KP-02 are designed to control the operating parameters of automotive components and systems of automotive equipment.

• Nominal supply voltage - 12 V on-board network.
• Climatic versions is TU1 to GOST 15150 (operating temperature range from minus 40 to plus 85 ºC).
• Power consumption is not more than 3 W.
• Degree of protection - IP55 from the front and IP5X from the back according to GOST 15254-96.
• Weight not more 0.8 kg.
• Dimensions Ø145х 84 mm.
• Drive arrow pointers made on the stepper motors with LED lighting scales.

KP indicators KP-02.3801-1 KP-02.3801-2
Indicator of level/volume of fuel + +
Indicator of coolant temperature + +
Indicator of oil pressure in the engine + +
Indicator of air pressure in the pneumatic system + +
Indicator of board voltage + +
Indicator of oil pressure in the gear box + -

Dashboard for ZIL

комбинация приборов для автомобиля МАЗ

Dashboard is designed to control the various systems and components of cars, it is composed of a combined device PK-01, an electronic tachometer EТ, a car speedometer KA-01.

The combined device is designed to monitor fuel level, to control oil pressure in the engine lubrication system, to control the temperature in the engine cooling system, to control the voltage in on-board vehicle network.

Electronic tachometer EТ is designed to measure the speed of the engine crankshaft. Input source for the tachometer is winding phase of the generator car.

Car speedometer KA-01 consists of a needle indicator of speed and odometer. Speedometer drive is mechanical from the flexible shaft.

The devices protection degree against penetration of foreign bodies and water corresponds IP5X, GOST 14254.

The devices is frigo- and heatstabile, moisture resistance, shake proof.

Climatic performance is UHL2T2 according to GOST 15150. Housing of units is resistant to impact of fuel materials and lubricants.

The panel has a light that providing good reading of the entire range.

Appliances – not repaired products.

All devices are based on stepper motors and programmable microcontrollers. This allows you to devices that work with all sensors and different gear rations.

Dimensions of the speedometer and combined device correspond dimensions of previously issued devices.


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