PTC Sirius

педаль электронная автомобильная PTC SIRIUS ® is a geographically distributed SCADA system for supervisory control and process control, GOST-12 997.

The whole system is designed and used to manage and control:
• product pipelines (oil, gas)
• City Gas Service, urban electric transport, urban water utility
• distribution networks 110-35-10 kV, urban networks objects,
• Heating systems
• large industrial energy
• Monitoring of the environment

Introduction of modern software and hardware complex SIRIUS ®, based on personal computer technology, allows for a relatively small initial costs significantly increase the productivity of all personnel, operating the power network, to optimize the regimes of power supply to customers, improve decision making, to control and account transmission and distribution of electric energy at the district level and enterprises.

The whole system PTC SIRIUS ® is constructed of individual components, used in any combination, depending on the task.

Components of complex

Bue-01 and Bue-02 blocks are designed for collecting, processing, storing, displaying data on energy use independently, as well as in electricity metering system (EMS). And also for the transmission of measured or calculated parameters to control point of monitoring, recording and distribution of electric energy.

Block Bue-01 is a low-level hardware submodule, installed in the controller SATELLITE-M or MIKONT and used in the telemechanics hardware PTC SIRIUS. It is possible to provide a flexible increasing the channels number, configurable by the users needs. Based on the Bue Blocks System can rationally assess the supplied energy and control their spending and consumption, switch to the commercial and technical accounting, prevent unauthorized access of a customer to control and expended energy accounting resource.


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